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Andy’s astro talks are well received by enthusiastic audiences and science geeks of all ages around the country.

His one-hour multimedia presentation covers a broad range of subtopics including a review of equipment required for deep space imaging, his approach to narrowband imaging from suburbia, target research, mosaics, pareidolia, wolf-rayet stars, supernovas and planetary nebulas. It’s interwoven with humour & references to popular culture, UFO’s, science fiction & Star Trek. Yes, it’s a broad canvas!

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Live Appearances

04 & 05/05/2024 Photographic Society of Queensland Convention, Brisbane

06/03/2023 Camberwell Camera Club, Melbourne

11/09/2022 “The Space Effect” Melbourne, Australia

02/04/2020 New York – North East Astro Imaging Conference (NEAIC) Cancelled due to Covid-19

16/05/2020 Townsville – World Science Festival – Cancelled due to Covid-19

29/02/2020 Chinchilla – World Science Festival

17/11/19 Astronomical Society of Victoria, Astrophotography Group

27/7/19 Astrofest Linville, Queensland

2/3/19 Gladstone (QLD)  World Science Festival

20/3/19 Melbourne Monash Gallery of Art

24/3/19 Brisbane (QLD)  World Science Festival

30/8/16 The EVENT: Australian Institute of Professional Photography

20/11/16 Snake Valley Astrocamp: Audio Visual Presentation

27/8/15: Ballarat International Foto Biennale – ASV Exhibition Launch (with Joshua Morris MP)

17/5/15 Mount Burnett Observatory/ AIPP VICTORIA: Astrophotography workshop & presentation (with Phil Hart)

2019: Radio Interview Hit 93.5FM

2019: Radio Interview ABC Capricornia

Virtual Presentations

San José Astrophotography Assn 17th January 2024

Mosman Camera Club July 7th, 2022

North Houston Astronomy Club October 22nd, 2021

Southern Cross Winter Star Party 2021: Florida USA (from 1:49:24>)

Southern Cross Winter Star Party 2021: Florida, USA (from 4:13:12>)

The Astro Imaging Channel: Creating Dynamic Images Part 2

The Astro Imaging Channel: Creating Dynamic Images Part 1

Awesome Deep Space Astrophotography

VicSouth: ASV & ASSA 7/11/20

Melbourne Camera Club 20/7/20

Perth Photo live Expo 25/7/20

AIPP: Deep Space Astrophotography 26/6/20

ASNSW: Creating Dynamic Images 4/6/20

What people are saying about Andy’s Presentations…

On behalf of the Photographic Society of Queensland, we would like to thank you for joining us at this year’s PSQ Annual Convention. Your presentation as a keynote speaker was very well received and was greatly enjoyed by the attendees. Thanks for the effort that you put in during the long weekend. Your continued presence throughout the event was a big bonus, as was your generous donation of a print for the raffle. Thank you!

Pete Law – President

Andy presented a talk over Zoom titled Secrets of Award-Winning Astrophotography at our recent SJAA Imaging meeting. It was perfect, just what I had hoped for. He provided pointers for improving one’s astro-imaging that were appropriate for both beginners and advanced imagers. He also gave valuable tips on astro-image contests and judging. I received great feedback from members about the talk. Thank you so much, Andy!

Tina Dial -Thoroughly entertaining and informative! I am just in awe of your skills!

Sue Gordon – An absolutely inspiring presentation, thank you so much for sharing your passion!

Hy Murveit, (Imaging SIG Leader), San Jose Astronomical Association – USA

Andy’s presentation to 60 Camberwell Camera Club members was Out Of This World.  Starting with our nearest neighbour, the Moon, Andrew took us on a journey with his extraordinary images to Saturn, comets, nebulae in the Milky Way, and finally to other galaxies all captured from his backyard in Melbourne and a friend’s property in rural Kilmore. Amazing!

The different shapes and outlines formed by the nebula were fascinating, and a fun part of the evening was for members to guess the name of the nebula from its shape: Butterfly, Statue of Liberty, Fighting Dragons, and The Wolf amongst others.  Club members did an excellent job of working out the various names although the Running Chicken Nebula was a little cryptic and perhaps needed a good dose of whiskey before its full glory became obvious!
Andy’s passion for astrophotography is obvious, and that enthusiasm certainly rubbed off on club members. Several members signed up for services Andrew referred to in his presentation. As for Andy’s planet-themed shirt, it’s superb!
Ian SpencePresident,
Camberwell Camera Club

Carol Graham I was very grateful to be able to see this. Very inspirational and thought-provoking!

Timothy Moon An enthralling presentation, thanks for expanding our minds.
Dianne from Chinchilla Thanks for coming all the way out to Chinchilla! I really enjoyed your presentation and so did my Grandson Alex, who now wants to be a scientist, not a truck driver when he grows up!

Geoff Healey A terrific presentation Andy, it was a good reminder that you were once like all of us and with effort, practice and patience we may even get close to your wonderful images. (Well I will try to hold that thought at least!)

David Moulton Wonderful images. Inspired to take the covers off the scope now!

Paul Litchen Thanks Andy. Great presentation!

Renato Langersek Great talk and thanks for travelling all the way up to Queensland, loved your images!

Ben Marks Wonderful talk this morning. Really enjoyed seeing and hearing about your approach to imaging. It was particularly nice to see how you choose the area of the sky and frame your images to take full advantage of pareidolia which makes the images quite personal and joyful. 

Erik Mardiste Really enjoyable this morning cheers Andrew, you’ve made me more determined!

Peter Seitanidis Hi Andy. My son and I absolutely loved your Astrophotography presentation at the Brisbane Museum this morning.

David Fraser A big thank you for taking time out of your busy life to share your ‘Astro” story with the guests at the Monash Gallery of Art last night.
Your passion shone through in your presentation and you gave us great insight into another world beyond our little planet. I was amazed at how long it took to capture your subjects but what amazing art you created from God’s creation. I am sure you have inspired the audience members to enjoy life and to share the joy.”

Leanne Whelan We really enjoyed your talk!

Matt Skinner Well deserved honour… your imagery is amazing and the best I’ve seen!

Simon Watson Thank you for a very insightful afternoon! You have some amazing pictures can’t wait to get our ‘Van Gogh’ up on our wall!

Teale Britstra I enjoyed your talk today. Thanks for visiting Gladstone!

Phillip Kohler In your talk at the World Science Festival in Brisbane you talked about so many interesting things.
I volunteered at the World Science Festival in Brisbane and was able to listen to your talk. I was so impressed!

Tracey Jackman I attended the Astro-Photography talk that you gave at MAG on Wednesday night which firstly I have to say was fantastic. Your images are breathtaking and your dedication and the time you spend on achieving these images are mind-blowing. I jumped onto facebook to check out your page and was awakened by all your star trek references and other such things, that you quoted. Again, really enjoyed the evening and looking forward to following your amazing astrophotography on your page.


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