Photoshop Secrets for Astrophotographers

Here is the ultimate guide to transforming your astrophotography!
This comprehensive document condenses all my APOD, Award & Competition prize-winning Astro processing secrets into an easy-to-understand format, ensuring you get the most out of your image processing.


Photoshop Secrets for Astrophotographers

Regardless of whether you use Pixinsight, DSS, or APP, all you need are calibrated master files, and I’ll demonstrate how Photoshop can work wonders with your hard-earned datasets. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional in astrophotography, this guide is designed to help you enhance your skills and accelerate your success.
With over 40 pages of straightforward, step-by-step methods, you’ll learn everything from one-shot colour/DSLR to mono, broadband, and narrowband techniques, along with the best Photoshop plug-ins to utilize. Take your work to new heights and amaze your friends, colleagues, and even competition judges with expertly processed cosmic photography that captures the mesmerizing beauty of the night sky.
Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to benefit from my ten years of passionate dedication, experience, and Photoshop expertise.
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What people are saying about “Photoshop Secrets for Astrophotographers”.

“Just purchased and downloaded. Well worth the price. From a quick skim through I noticed several interesting technique using PS, like Silver Efex, which I’ve never opened in the Nik Collection.”
Niel Corke

“Ordered! I have guides for PI from RBA and Adam Block, but nothing for Photoshop. Your well-written and illustrated guide will be a valuable addition to my library!”

Chad Robert

“Great initiative Andy. Your Zoom lessons have been invaluable in accelerating my learning. I think I would have floundered for years without that. I will still be buying this, though. Nothing else out there like it!”

Mark Braithwaite

“Looks like a great source of info, thanks Andy! “

Tom Dinneen


Photoshop Secrets for Astrophotographers


40+ Pages. Great value now at just AUD $47 (USD $31).

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