Astrophotography Mentoring.

Want to learn to secrets to winning astrophotography Competitions?

Or just improve your astrophotography processing skills?

Book a course of Four x One hour, One on One mentoring sessions via Zoom.

Let me know what issues you’re facing and we’ll work through them together.  We’re in this together and I’m here for you!

No matter where you are in the world, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced imager, you too can draw from my experience to help you create your own very best images! I can help with recommending plug ins and stand alone apps that work in combination with Photoshop.

Purchase 4 sessions for just  Au$497 / $367US and get a 5th one FREE!

Join happy mentorees in the USA, Canada, Brazil, Ireland, India, Oman and Australia.

Book your course and get better imaging!

What people are saying about Andy’s Mentoring Course.

“I want to wholeheartedly recommend Andy’s One on One help sessions. I am still on a steep learning curve with post-processing and Andy’s in-depth knowledge and masterful way of tailoring the help you need truly helped move me along. Having a video to keep of the sessions is a great way to reinforce the knowledge you gain when you try it for yourself later. Go for it!”

Steven de Lisle

“Thanks for mentoring my dad in Brazil who could not be more pleased about your mentoring sessions.”

Sandra Surkamp

Andy is a brilliant teacher. He has helped me pack years of astrophotography experience into just a few months. Worth every $. Thanks, Andy

Mark Braithwaite

I’ve had several sessions with Andy now – he has really helped me to advance my approach to processing. I was only mucking around in Photoshop previously and wasn’t happy with the results. He has helped open my eyes to how to go about this more systematically and shown me some tools that have really helped me to dig the most out of my photos. Still, a lot to learn, but I finally feel like I am actually able to produce an image that is worth sharing with others!

Tony Neilson


Astrophotography Mentoring Course

Buy four One hour, One on One sessions and get a Fifth FREE!

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