High Gloss FujiFlex Print

Apollo to Atlas: 50 years of Space Exploration

Top Ten Category Finalist: AIPP Silver Lining Awards 2020 This heroic image is my tribute to the spirit and legacy of the three legendary Apollo 11 astronauts, Armstrong, Aldrin & Collins – whose incredible exploits inspired the entire world and continue to push our quest for knowledge forward half a century later.  

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Astrophotography Mentoring

Your Personalized Photoshop Mentoring Course

Stuck at home during Covid-19 with no where to go & nothing to do? Why not take the time to improve your astrophotography skills! Book a course of Four x One hour, One on One mentoring sessions via Zoom. (Buy four and get a fifth one free!) Let me know what issues you’re facing and we’ll work through them together. We’re in this together and I’m here for you! "Andy is a brilliant teacher. He has helped me pack years of astrophotography experience into just a few months. Worth every $. Thanks Andy" Mark Braithwaite