Presenting what is very possibly the first high-resolution, HaRGB mosaic image showing the entirety of this Ha streak, GMN 41 in Puppis.

Found this while exploring a Galaxy Map Finkbeiner Ha survey & decided to try it back in late December, not realizing that it would become a 10-panel mosaic!

Astrophotographers have overlooked this region of the Vela SNR, so please enjoy the first view of this extraordinary target!

The data was taken at a rural dark site in country Victoria -Australia, using Voyager.

For Star Trek fans, it resembles the Starfleet Delta – duty insignia and communicator badge – hence the “Delta One” moniker.

GMN 41 Nebula Puppis

Capture Details

TelescopeTakahashi TOA 130 with TOA-35 Reducer
CameraQSI 6162 WSG8
MountIoptron CEM70G
FiltersChroma LRG&B, 5nm Ha, 3nm O3
Guiding CameraStarlight Xpress Lodestar X2
Integration time (Exposure)61.0 hrs
LocationKilmore, Victoria, Australia
DateFeb-April, 2023

About this Nebula

The brightest star is Aludra (31 CMa), and the open beautiful cluster to the right is Collinder 140, aka ‘The Tuft in the Tail of the Dog.’
The cluster is large @ 42′ (almost two full moons!).

Almost no other information about this beautiful field is available. Let me know if you find any!

Captured at a dark site near the rural town of Kilmore, central Victoria, Australia.
Much gratitude to my Astro buddy ‘Blue’ for his kind assistance with data capture at his property.

Delta One

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- Admiral Jean-Luc Picard