Hidden in plain sight between the Pointers, Rigel Kentaurus and Hadar, is this intriguing nebula known as RCW 85.

As far as I can tell mine is only the 3rd image of this target.

Resembling the famous Devils’ Tower from Close Encounters, and dim as as coal mine on a dark night, this is Ha rich, has some S2 and purportedly O3, (but after an entire night at Binx4, I still couldn’t get a signal!).

So much as I would like to have made a tricolour NB image from my bortle 7 backyard, this HaRGB will have to suffice.

Andy Campbell, Melbourne- Australia, July 2021


Devils Tower Nebula RCW85
Devils Tower Nebula RCW85

Capture Details

TelescopeTakahashi TOA 130
CameraQSI 6162 WSG8
MountTakahashi NJP Temma 2
FiltersChroma 5nm Ha & LRGB
Guiding CameraStarlight Xpress Lodestar X2
Integration time (Exposure)13.5 hrs
LocationBurwood, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
DateJuly, 2021

About this Nebula

The infrared star group [DBS2003] 88 is embedded in RCW 85 according to Dutra and colleagues. According to the Georgelins, RCW 83 and RCW 85 are the brightest parts of a diffuse region to the galactic east of the Cen OB1 association and that may be an extension of it. Contains the infrared star group [DBS2003] 88.

Dad, after this can we throw dirt in MY window?
- Close Encounters of the Third Kind.