When I attempted this one last year, I failed miserably due to a mix of reducer & spacing errors so I really wanted to revisit this and get it right!

My gear is now working beautifully, so here in all it’s lurid narrowband glory is the classic cosmic crustacean, NGC 6357.
Taken remotely via Stellarmate during lockdown #4 in suburban Melbourne, Australia. May 2021

NGC 6357 Nebula Narrowband
NGC 6357 Nebula Narrowband

Capture Details

TelescopeTakahashi TOA 130
CameraQSI 6162 WSG8
MountTakahashi NJP Temma 2
FiltersChroma RG&B, 5nm Ha & S2, 3nm O3
Guiding CameraStarlight Xpress Lodestar X2
Integration time (Exposure)21.0 hrs
LocationBurwood, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
DateMay, 2021

About this Nebula

Cataloged as NGC 6357, the Lobster Nebula houses the open star cluster Pismis 24 near its centre — a home to unusually bright and massive stars. The overall blue glow near the inner star forming region results from the emission of ionised hydrogen gas. The surrounding nebula, holds a complex tapestry of gas, dark dust, stars still forming, and newly born stars. The intricate patterns are caused by complex interactions between interstellar winds, radiation pressures, magnetic fields, and gravity. NGC 6357 spans about 400 light years and lies about 8,000 light years away toward the constellation of the Scorpion. (apod)

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They’re too shellfish!

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