Apollo to Atlas

This heroic image is my tribute to the spirit and legacy of the three legendary Apollo 11 astronauts, Armstrong, Aldrin & Collins – whose incredible exploits inspired the entire world and continue to push our quest for knowledge forward half a century later.

After 6 months planning & research, I was there to capture the background Rocket Launch image from Kennedy Space centre Apollo/Saturn V viewing lawn, only a few yards away from this iconic monument, approx 5 miles from the launch site itself. It was an amazing and beautiful sight in the predawn twilight! I photographed the monument a little later on the same day- and the moon image previously.
The launch image itself is a three minute time exposure “streak shot” of the ULA Atlas V Boeing Starliner un-crewed capsule test in December, 2019.
AIPP Silver Lining Awards 2020 Semi-Finalist 
Processed using and Photoshop CC2020
Apollo astronauts and atlas V rocket launch

Capture Details

Lens18-24mm Zoom
Camera Nikon D700
MountCarbon Fibre tripod
Date Dec 21, 2019
Exposures 1 x 180 secs F22 iso 800
LocationKennedy Space Centre, FL - USA
Rocket launches are eerie to watch. There’s the anticipation, the countdown, the thrill of the crowd and then there’s a blinding light, brighter than the sun, but no sound. Around 30-45 seconds later the sound comes roaring in and shakes you to the core, a deep, crackling rumble as loud as the bass at a Kiss concert and you just get swept up in awe at the sheer power and majesty of what you’re seeing. Truly a bucket list experience and I was lucky enough to see not one but two beautiful launches on this trip!
Thanks for your consideration, I hope you enjoy the result!

Apollo to Atlas

Top Ten Finalist: AIPP Silver Lining Awards

(Goods & Services Category).

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“That’s One Small Step for Man, One Giant Leap for Mankind.”

- Neil Armstrong - Apollo 11