7,000,000 light Years Distant!

NGC 300 from dark site in Country Victoria, Australia.
30 hrs LUM & RGB Data in 10min subs

Five nights data taken from dark sites at Nhill, Snake Valley & Kilmore – Rural Victoria
Ha data from suburban Melbourne

Completely reprocessed by Diego Colonnello using Astro Pixel Processor 🙂

NGC 300 galaxy LRGB

Capture Details

TelescopeGSO RC8CF
Camera QSI WSG-8
MountSkywatcher EQ-6 Pro
Guide CameraStarlight xpress Lodestar X2
FiltersAstrodon L, R, G & B
Date Nov, 2018
Exposures 180 x 600 secs (30 Hrs)
LocationNhill, Vic & Kilmore, Vic - Australia

NGC 300 is so interesting because it is so normal. An Sc-type spiral galaxy in the nearby Sculptor group of galaxies, NGC 300 shows typical flowing blue spiral arms, an expected compact nucleus, and the requisite amount of stars, star clusters, and nebulae. Therefore, studying NGC 300 should indicate how, exactly, a normal spiral galaxy works. Toward this goal, NGC 300 and the surrounding area were studied in exquisite detail, creating and combining a series of high-resolution images to create the above conglomerate picture. NGC 300 lies only 7 million light years away, spans nearly the same amount of sky as the full moon, and is visible with a small telescope toward the constellation of Sculptor. (Apod)

“A Long time ago in a Galaxy Far, Far away!”

- George Lucas, Star Wars