2018 CWAS David Malin Awards –  Honourable Mention

Poking around Galaxy map I found this cool mountain shaped, Ha rich object near NGC 2451 and ó Pup. So thought it was worth imaging to see how it would look as I couldn’t find ANY images of this online.

Sky Safari 5 pro suggests IREC (InfraRed Excess Clouds) 374 Dark Nebula, however it appears to named BBW 56.

It’s dim though, and this is 7.5 hrs 3nm Ha!
There appears to be no O3 present so I have gathered 4 hrs each of N2 and S2 to create this tricolour Narrowband image.

Tricky to map the colours and still show three seperate wavelengths as there are all so close together.

Anyway – thought some may find it interesting to see something different!

3nm Ha=Blue 8 hrs 1800 secs
3nm N2= Green 5 Hrs 1800 secs
3nm S2=Red – 5hrs 1200sec Binx2
RGB 15x60sec subs ea. for the stars.

Reminds me of one of those big mutant Kaiju monsters from the movie, ‘Pacific Rim’ as it emerges from the depths.

Silver Award (with Distinction) 2018 AIPP Australian Professional Photography Awards

Silver Award (with Distinction) 2018 AIPP Victorian Professional Photography Awards


BBW 56 in Puppis astrophotography nebula narrowband image
BBW 56 in Puppis

Capture Details

Telescope Stellarvue SV70T
CameraQSI683 wsg-8
MountSkywatcher EQ-6 Pro
Guide CameraStarlight Xpress Lodestar X2
Filters#nm Astrodon Ha, N2, S2, RGB
Exposures19 hrs
LocationSuburban Melbourne, Australia

“This may be the World’s First High Resolution, Tricolour Narrowband image of this Nebula.”